Comparing the impact of COVID-19 stay-at-home orders on urban and rural visitation patterns

August 2021

Pranav Thaenraj’s paper serves as an introduction to the classification of POI categories using SafeGraph Patterns visit data. You’ll learn how you can…

July 2021

Stay at home orders reduce visits to malls within the lockdown area, but residents travel elsewhere to shop

June 2021

Learn about the various projects CrisisReady is working on to use data to effectively plan for and respond to major crises
Social learning shows community establishments follow decisions that nearby chain establishments make
Vaccine rollout leads to significant increase in activity, including mobility and spending
Using a flow-augmented stochastic SEIR style model to analyze the epidemic

May 2021

Despite the political climate, we see that wealth and age have a significant impact on peoples’ decision to vote by mail
Hospitalizations and deaths are higher in areas with chronic air pollution concentrations
Spoiler alert! Customer loyalty significantly drives revenue and earnings growth
Domestic violence increases during COVID-19 linked to alcohol consumption
Study suggests the pandemic led to increased order sizes & higher purchase frequencies — but only for legacy customers